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I have worked in television for over 13 years and i can easily say of all the guests i have had the pleasure of sharing the screen with, Steph Legari tops my list of favourites.

He is so engaging on screen, viewers really relate to him. Through his unique and inventive cooking demonstrations he not only entertains, but inspires viewers to want to try his recipes and be better chefs in their own kitchens. He is always on his toes and ready for any curve ball you could throw at him during a live television segment. Great sense of humour on this chef! Women like his warm, ‘big teddy-bear’ personality and men love the smokers and grills he likes to work on to create his culinary masterpieces. He shows them that cooking is cool and the fire is always hot!

Angie Poirier with some of my tasty offerings

Steph has inspired me to ‘think beyond the grill’ and try new recipes and in the process i’ve gained a great friend who gives the best hugs around

Angie Poirier

CTV Morning Live and Majic 100 Host

Steph has a way with food I have NEVER seen (nor tasted!) A simple burger becomes a delicious work of art with flavours and presentation never experienced! All the while, being prepared by an engaging, humorous and TV-friendly personality.
Bill Welychka

TV and Radio Host

Camp Misquah provides a summer vacation for Developmentally Challenged adults and youths.

From the First year that Steph arrived amidst the chanting of the campers we knew this was going to be something special.  His approach to the function includes a welcoming smile, confidence and humility.

While organizing a large dinner that is done quickly, Steph still takes the time to chat with campers, give hugs and high fives.  At the end of each event, every year, Steph will announce that he will return before I even have a chance to ask.

This was the fifth year returning with another fantastic dinner. Steph even brought the Camera Crews from Rogers TV to capture the magic of the Camp.  He said to me on several occasions that we needed to capture the spirit of the camp and put it on the map!

It should also be noted that most the food was donated by Farmers and food producers that have appeared on Steph’s Show Grill This Smoke That and Steph never accepted any monies for his time and effort.

These campers give real hugs and real “Thank yous” and call Steph their Friend.


Doug Cody

Board Member, Camp Misquah

We engaged Steph The Grilling Gourmet for the staff summer party, which we hosted at our cottage.  He arrived early with mega-BBQ in tow.  He was totally organized and fully equipped. A real pro.  Over 125 of us enjoyed a delicious assortment of slow-cooked meats (pulled-pork sandwiches, ribs, chicken, even vegetarian fare) that were melt-in–your-mouth good, supported by great salads. Steph also brought a great attitude and a desire to please. We’ve had other BBQ’ists in the past. There won’t be anyone but Steph in the future.”



Franklin A. Holtforster, P.Eng., PMP, LEED AP

President and CEO, Corporate MHPM PROJECT MANAGERS INC.

Steph is nothing short of informative and entertaining. His segments are always fun, energetic, and funny. Steph knows the grill like the back of his hand.
Kent Mannen

Producer, CTV Morning Live

In a culinary landscape cluttered with schtick, Steph has been the genuine article since before the day we met in a barbecue shop (fancy that) almost a decade ago. His enthusiasm for all things grilled is infectious, his recipes that catch the whiff of smoke are inspiring, his creativity when it comes to Grill This! Smoke That! leaves us hungry for even more. Makes me want to run outside and set something on fire.
Ron Eade

Food Editor, Ottawa Citizen

I first watched Steph Legari on his show “Grill This Smoke That” and then I hired him as our Consultant for Fatboys Southern Smokehouse, a unique dining experience in the Ottawa downtown market. Steph Legari has demonstrated on numerous occasions during the restaurant planning process his knowledge of food preparation, presentation and menu planning. He was at ease in all situations dealing with food suppliers, industry personnel, media and friends. His confident style, sophistication and easy going nature has been a great asset to the intense restaurant design process.  His attention to detail and willingness to go that extra mile was noticed by all involved in the project. He has traveled with us to help build our knowledge of the BBQ process and industry.

Working with Steph has been a pleasure and I would consider him as a consultant and media spokesperson without hesitation for further projects.

Shawn Dawson

Owner – Fatboys Southern Smokehouse

Steph Legari has a passion for creating great food on the grill, and it’s contagious!  He is able to pass along his knowledge in a way that everybody can easily follow.  The greatest proof that I’ve benefited from working with Steph on “Grill This Smoke That” is that now my family no longer plans a “back-up” meal when I barbecue!
Stan Newton

Producer, Rogers TV