Meet the Grilling Gourmet!

“All foods can be touched by smoke and fire…”

…and with this begins the journey of Steph the Grilling Gourmet®.

Steph Legari is a graduate of the George Brown Culinary Management Program. Steph has been passionate about cooking with fire and smoke since he was a teenager.

Following his dream, he grew to know and understand his craft through preparing and serving delicious meals at many different restaurants, hotels and catering establishments.

It was somewhere along the way that he discovered his true passion; mouthwatering original delights on smokers and grills.

Steph the Grilling Gourmet® has made mouths water and stomachs growl with impatience all over North America. He has catered large corporate events as well as small private parties and shared his knowledge of the grill and smoker, showcasing techniques to make his audience better backyard BBQ heroes.

With the help of his 27 foot custom BBQ rig, which was custom made in North Carolina, he can travel to any location with a road or path leading to the crowd.

Steph has also created a line of savory rubs or spice blends which are available to backyard heroes and commercially. These rubs are gluten free, low in sodium and easy to use, taking all the guesswork out of seasoning your foods!

Since 2008, Steph the Grilling Gourmet® has appeared on TV, radio and large events. He is the creator and host of his own show and the popular “Grill This, Smoke That” show seen on cable TV and on the Internet.

Like all true artists, Steph continues his quest to educate himself and share his expertise with his many friends and fans. He has many new and exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned, and Keep The Fire Hot!”

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